We live in the southern part of the beautiful Salinas Valley in a small town called San Ardo, close to Highway 101.  We are far enough away from the big city for comfort, but close enough for visitors. 
We are now marketing our horses to the public by request of customers and friends who convinced us that good gentle ranch & trail horses are hard to find in California for a decent price. 
The majority of our calves are sold at  local livestock markets, however we have added on a beef buying program where an individual, who does not have the facilities, can pick and choose what they want while having control over how their beef is fed and processed.  If you would like more information on buying a beef, looking for a decent riding horse or a pig hunt that offers all the comforts give us a call at 831-206-4478 or email us back at sdcattle@aol.com
  • Horses are shown by appointment only.
  • Choose or pick up steer by appointment.  We will feed your steer to your specifications until ready for processing or can deliver
  • Pig hunts and ranch stays are also available
About SD Livestock & Cattle Company
If you would like more information call us at 831-627-2519 or email us at sdcattle@aol.com
This page was last updated: August 19, 2012